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Hank Pellissier is an eco-friendly gardener who lives in the Oakland Hills.

I’m available for Weeding & Gardening ($25/hour)

Text 415-309-3505 or email

I can also transform your property into a 1) sanctuary for wild creatures; 2) low-carbon footprint model; 3) drought-friendly, low maintenance, environmentally-friendly oasis - $35/hour for Landscape Design

OR - For FREE - I can ‘glean’ excess produce from your orchard & garden to deliver to Berkeley Food Pantry and West Oakland Food Pantry

Testimony: I contacted Hank to help me based on this advertisement, and he was terrific! Prompt, communicative, reliable, affable, affordable... everything you could ask for… He went above and beyond because "it was fun." He embodies old-world work ethic and being a good neighbor. I cannot recommend him enough! (MM)

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